Mike Kilian

“What I really like about the software is the ease of use,” said Mike Kilian, one of two people who do estimating for the company. “We estimate every job. We turn our estimates over to the foremen in the field, so they can see the basis of our estimates, and use it as a guideline for how to run the job.

“Basically, the McCormick estimating system is very fast. We are often asked by our regular customers for a quick number on a project. With the assemblies we have in the system, we can produce what they want when they want it.”

A “full service contractor” can be asked to do work outside of its experience. That’s how Kilian got into the line construction business (four) years ago.

“Line construction certainly is different from ‘inside’ work, in many ways,” explained Kilian. “I was very enthusiastic when McCormick introduced its T&D estimating software. It came just as we were learning what this was all about. I was thrilled to death!”

“Some people might think the line construction business isn’t very complicated, but it is. The amount of different connectors and materials involved is amazing. The only hitch we had with the McCormick software was the terminology: In our part of the country, some product types have different slang names than we found in the database.”

Mike Kilian
Kilian Electrical Service, Wichita, KS