Kent Nunamaker

Shortly introducing the Windows version into the operation, Kent said, K & N started growing faster. “We had the ability to bid more jobs, and to be secure in that our bids were now more accurate than they had been,” he remembered.

“And with the huge data base – which you can customize, and which we in fact did and do customize – you can have it any way you want.”

As of 2013, K & N has one estimator working in the office along with Kent, who also uses the system. Additionally, the company has added a Security & Surveillance division – work that Kent said is also estimated using the McCormick software.

“It’s not a dramatic change, to use the system to estimate security,” he explained. “You use the same estimating process – you’ll just have a different database.”

– Kent Nunamaker, owner,
K & N Electric, Sunbury, PA