Daniel Daoust

Although new to McCormick Systems, already I find it very helpful, easy to use and resourceful – Yet, what impress me the most about your company is the customer service! I haven’t seen such a great service in years.

I’m stunned by the kindness, availability and helpfulness of everybody that I’ve dealt with.

For example: my salesman took hours from his time off at home to help me solve an issue and I always had the feeling that it was a pleasure for him to help me.

McCormick’s support team answered additional questions I had in a timely manner, all with the same kindness and dedication.

I just have one word to say for the experiences I’ve had with your company: “Wow”.

I would like to give a big thank you to my salesman as well as the support team that went above and beyond to solve my issues.

Great job!

– Daniel Daoust Owner
D&B Electrical, Edmonton, AB