Chuck Parker

Despite seeing some perhaps-insane prices submitted to win bids, Conduit Electric stays out there, taking its swings. As a result, Parker said, the company’s Win 6000 software from McCormick Systems is working harder than ever.

“We use the heck out of it, at this point,” he said. “The McCormick product is great. It’s been relatively easy for us to create assemblies, add products where we need to, and work with Tra-Ser SX to get materials prices.”

“We get all of the facts out of the system. After, I guess, more than 15 years of using it here at Conduit Electric, we have confidence in our estimates.”

Parker was even more enthusiastic about the support his company has obtained from McCormick over the years. “I honestly do not know of any company, in any line of computer software, that provides the kind of support that McCormick does. For one thing, they call you back when they say they will. Their people are very knowledgeable – and it goes beyond their software, to the PC technology world as a whole.”

“For a company likes ours, not large enough to have an IT department, it is just exactly what we have to have.”

– Chuck Parker, Owner,
Conduit Electric, Portland OR